Bruno is a teenager! He is eight months old and he knows that he is irresistible!

He is very good at manipulating his humans to do what he wants. Because of this, why should he do what they want?

Bruno is very good with other dogs and likes nothing more than a romp in the park or woods. However, he may need to go in the car to get there.

Beautiful young Weimerana on his chairIt is when they want to come home that the real problems start.  Bruno is having such fun. He is tired and exhilarated. He simply refuses to get into the car and he is now a heavy dog.

Consequently other dog walkers have to help to wrestle him into the car.

His lady needs to outwit him and play on his weaknesses, one of which is he won’t let her out of his sight. It is a safe parking area, so what might happen if she got in, leaving the boot open, ignored him and started up the engine? Maybe started to move off?  I think I know!

I recently went to a young St. Bernard who refused to get in the car at home – he was having much too much fun being fed and treated and enticed and then manhandled by several people. His lady owner found it really difficult to be ‘horrid’ to him, but just two times of opening the boot, saying ‘in you get’ and then taking him back indoors, not even taking off his lead, shutting the front door on him and then driving off, did the trick!

Bruno is a wonderful dog, intelligent and testing boundaries! Though beautiful and irresistible he needs to be resisted at times. He can be outwitted!

I can help you, too, with these problems or any other that you may be having with your dog.