StaffieThis is Lola. It is a shame I forgot my flash! Lola is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier aged seven months, slim and long in the leg for the breed.

She has a lovely nature. She is loving and confident, she is not a barker and she’s a quick learner. I feel she wants to please.

Like most seven-month-old puppies, she gets very excited when people arrive and when they play with her, and this is when she uses her mouth and teeth to grab clothes and hands so this is where tug games are inappropriate unless done as a training game. We don’t want to reinforce in play the very things we don’t want her to be doing. It may be she left her litter mates a week or two too soon, because this is the time when, through rough and tumble with siblings, puppies learn to be gentle.

The mouthing, together with her always pulling on lead, jumping up on people and still having occasional accidents in the house are all usual things I help people to deal with when they have young dogs. In Lola’s case they may have already solved the toilet indoors problem by shutting her in her crate when they are out and at night. Fortunately she is very happy in there. They can’t open their door directly into the garden, so it’s up to them to remember to take her out on lead more regularly.

Lola is going to grow up to be a wonderful adult dog.

I can help you, too, with these problems or any other that you may be having with your dog.