Why choose me?

I have years of ‘life experience’, helping me to understand and empathise with all situations

I have years of ‘dog experience’, vital for the detective work needed in understanding a dog’s behaviour

I have expert knowledge around the causes of a dog’s behaviour and the solutions

I listen

I care

I use neither force nor physical punishment

I use motivation and reward

I am properly certified and accredited – essential in an unregulated industry

“Warm and friendly”



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Today, due to the rise in the number of training establishments for dog trainers in particular but also people in the behaviour field, some excellent and up-to-date and some churning out ‘professionals’ in just a few days and with little or no hands-on experience, those searching the internet for help for their dog may be faced with a great deal of choice.

Many professionals who are excellent dog trainers now also offer behaviour consultations, something for which they are unlikely to have insufficient experience and training themselves. To safely and effectively deal with behaviour problems choose a behaviourist.

It can be a minefield.

Where do you start?

Finding an accredited ‘Behaviourist’ is a good place to start – see ICAN (International Companion Animal Network)

To label themselves a ‘Behaviourist’, the professional should be accredited by an authorised body by virtue of their experience and knowledge of behavioural science and force-free, positive methods.

So, what makes me different from most others listed? A combination of the following:

  • My stories give an unprecedented and open insight into how I work whilst offering some help to people who read them.
  • I am a CAB (Certified Animal Behaviourist) with ICAN (International Companion Animal Network).
  • Experience. I have been working as a behaviour consultant for ten years now. Before this I was involved in traditional dog training. As a ‘cross-over’ I have experience of both old-school dominance methods and the modern, positive, gentle and science-based approach. I am therefore in a position to understand the former and prove the benefits of the latter.
  • Aftercare and support. I consider this as important as the initial consultation. Many professionals offer limited ongoing support, if any at all.
  • Availability. You will probably be able to book me within the next week. Without ties of other jobs and dependent family I can be a lot more flexible with my appointments and support.
  • Affordability. My fees are all-inclusive (and openly stated on my website). Bearing in mind the total number of hours normally spent, the hourly rate works out at about half that of similarly qualified behaviourists.
  • Due to my age I have sufficient experience of life to truly empathise and understand problems you may be facing both in your life and with your dogs, whatever your age. People tell me that my maturity helps them to feel comfortable with me. (Don’t worry – I am physically stronger than a lot of my clients who have trouble handling their energetic dogs!).
  • Children. As previously a school teacher and with children and grandchildren of my own, I am able to properly involve and understand the children of the family.
  • Up-to-date. I continually top up my CPD – attending courses, seminars and conferences, listening to webinars and reading the latest books on dog behaviour.
  • Over my thirteen years in the behaviour field, I have visited and helped over 2,500 dog owners and families in their own homes, many of whom have two or more dogs. This give me the unique perspective of loads of experience.