Pogo with a friend

Pogo on the right

Fourteen months ago I went to help Pogo (see his story). Here he is on the right in a recent photo with a friend. I just must share his email with you.

Hi Theo, remember me, the mad car chasing, washing machine hooligan, law unto myself (how could you forget me!), the busy rescue collie x lab (or as my mum says apart from my looks I am 100% collie in my outlook on life). I’m just about to turn 2yrs old and what a wonderful last year I have had!

I know that when my mum last e-mailed you, she said how she wished for the day my family could take me on holiday with them. Well it happened and it was great, I’d not had a holiday with a family before. We went to Yorkshire Moors last August and it was fantastic. Who would have thought I would ever be well behaved enough to go on holiday.

We spent most days walking on the moors, going to the beach – that was really good fun, I got to paddle in the sea, went to cafes for lunch where I got lots of goodies, did tricks for any children that wanted to give me a treat (yes, I can do tricks now like sit, paw, down, stay, come, wait and you can put a treat in front of my nose and I will not touch it until I’m told I can). My mum is always telling me what a clever boy I am and she gives me big kisses (yuk), but is always telling me how much my forever family love me.

One of the local ladies actually asked my mum if she would sell me and how much she wanted. My mum’s answer took no thought and firmly told the lady that I was not for sale, for any price. I was very well behaved wherever I went, but was very interested in the funny white fluffy animals on the moors and in the fields, I think my mum called them sheep, I wanted to chase them, but wasn’t allowed to play with them. My family told me many times how proud they were of me…..

I have loads of doggy friends that I meet on walks and even friends who come to our house.

Last week we went to the Fun Dog Show. I had a great time. I did some agility (yes, I can do that now as well and I’m very good at it. In fact I won the very first competition I entered). I’ve also had a go at Flyball and guess what, I’m good at that too (I’m known as the pocket rocket, I may have short legs but I have the speed and stamina of a collie). My girl person took me in the child handler class and you’ll never believe it, we came in 2nd place. What an achievement because a year ago even my mum and dad struggled to handle me. The only bad thing was that I came in 2nd .

Anyway, thought I better take time to write and give you an update. I know my mum has thanked you loads of times, but I would like to thank you for encouraging my family to have patience and give me a chance.

Doesn’t everyone just love happy endings, I am certainly very lucky (and so are my family for having me!).

See you soon,   POGOxxxxxxxxxx