George, Jack Russell on the left, is more confident than RubyBoth George and Ruby have come to their new home in the past year. George is confident for the most part but Ruby, who had been found wandering on a dual carriageway, is easily scared.

If it were not for the fact that at times of high arousal George will go for Ruby – nothing too serious as yet – their owners could carry on as they are.

Ruby is easily intimidated if approached directly or when she knows something is required of her – most especially when they want her to go either out into the garden to toilet or for a walk. She needs to be treated sensitively and carefully, without too much in the way of demands made upon her. There are other ways to go about getting her outside happily with a bit of forward planning.

George is King of the Castle! A bit too much homage is going on! He is twelve years old, in very good shape for his age, and it’s hard for them not to dance to his tune!

Some basic rules and boundares along with removing all the decision-making from their shoulders is going to make all the difference to these two little dogs. The episodes of George going for Ruby only happen when the two dogs are stressed or aroused – and only when the owners are about. This is a clue as to where the pressure is coming from, in spite of – or because of – the great love they have for their dogs. Too much is being asked of them, and they need to be allowed a bit more time just to be….dogs.

They are incredibly lucky to have ended up in such a wonderful and caring home and have certainly landed on their four feet!

I can help you, too, with these problems or any other that you may be having with your dog.