2choclabs1 2choclabs2.jpgLily, 9, and Jack age 12 do everything in tail-wagging tandem! It is such a good thing that these two older dogs were rehomed together and hopefully they both have quite a few years left in their wonderful new home of just three months.

They must have been well loved in their previous life as they are friendly with all people and adore children. They walk beautifully on lead and come back when called.

This job was a real delight for me. The people want to make sure that the rest of their new dogs’ lives are as good as they possibly can be whilst ironing out one or two problems.

They bark at 5am for the day to start and, until I suggested they were ignored, someone has come down to them so that inadvertently they were teaching them to keep barking early morning.

They also jump up at the lady in particular and she is bruised. Again, their reaction is reinforcing jumping up and not showing them what to do instead. So long as they are consistent and patient (which they are) jumping up will soon be a thing of the past. Excitement and jumping is also rewarded with meals and walks, so they will wait for calm and feet on the floor now.

There have been some problems with indoor toileting in certain strategic places – marking possibly – and I’m sure this is just due to their settling in to their new life after a time in kennels.  Jack is on some medication which is upsetting his tummy.

The retired couple are absolutely in love with their new dogs and their family and grandchildren adore them. They really are the perfect family pets.

By the way, the couple found their dogs through the The Oldies Club.  If you would like to give a dog a home for the latter part of his or her life, take a look.