This is the second home for all three little dogs. They have had the eldest, Jimmy, for several years – he is twelve. Tina on the left, age two, came to live with them about seven months ago, and Guy (below), a one-year-old Chihuahua Jack Russell X, joined them a few weeks ago.

They are lovely little dogs, all of them. They are friendly and affectionate, though Jimmy is now old and may keep himself to himself.

Guy may bite if picked up


What is worrying Guy’s owners is that when he is comfortably asleep on the sofa, he bites when he doesn’t want to be picked up, especially when they want him to go out before bedtime. They have worked out ways of tricking him like putting a soft igloo bed on the sofa for him to sleep in, and carrying it to the door and tipping him out, but this doesn’t solve the problem of his not wanting to go. He should not need to be carried – he should walk. It seems he is quite scared of going outside in the big garden at night. We have a plan that I am sure will work, and he needs to be accompanied until his confidence grows. It is early days.

Another thing that needs working on is Tina’s recall. She does come back – but not until she is ready!

The final point that I feel needs work – but doesn’t so much concern them – is the jumping up both at them and at visitors. Because the dogs are so small they find it acceptable – nice even – for welcomes to be like this. However, they might see it in a different light if they were German Shepherds or Labradors! It would be consider pushy and impolite rather than endearing. Would our children be allowed to jump all over people when they arrive and fly all over them when they sit down? I don’t think so. I am a believer in ‘four on the floor’ unless invited otherwise.

Do we want our dogs, quite literally, to be ‘walking all over us’? Guy is wanting respect for his personal space, hence the biting, but we should also expect him to respect ours.

About a month later: “Guy is just so much better in his obedience and behaviour. His growling and biting has improved tremendously and he is generally much better behaved. He is, in fact, becoming a very loving and friendly dog on the whole. We are both much happier that we understand Guy better and that both dogs seem much more settled”.
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