French Bulldog Louis and Bulldog/Chihuahua cross Gizmo had, until a few weeks ago, an orderly, quiet and predictable life. They got on well together and never showed aggression.

Then things began to change when their lady owner met her partner. They started to have new environments to cope with, and new people.

Two weeks ago the couple moved into their new house together and it’s like Gizmo and Louis have simply fallen apart. Mistakenly thinking that giving them lots of space while they were out, involving them with all the people who came and giving lots of extra fuss would help them over the change, in fact it’s done the opposite. They are feeling insecure and scared, Gizmo in particular.

The dogs have had to cope with constant comings and goings, deliveries and even a party. Gizmo now is barking at people who come in, attacking their legs and its getting worse by the day. There is constant tension between the two dogs, resulting in a couple of fights.

These dogs are no longer the happy dogs they used to be.

They will now be given their own gated little room, their ‘den’, as a refuge from visitors and somewhere they can feel safe when left during the day – like they had been used to previously – rather than run of a large area involving guarding and look-out responsibilities. Everything is going to be done to reduce their stress levels. Eyeballing between the dogs will be intercepted.

I am sure that, given time and patience, they will settle down.

Ten days later:Both dogs seem to be responding surprisingly well to all of the new tips and rules. We don’t appear to have any rebelling¬† yet so I am keeping my eye open for that……..We are feeling much more calm and the tension in the house is almost gone. The change has been very quick and very noticable in a short space of time. We are really looking forward to the continuing with everything you have taught us’.
A couple of months later: First of all thank you for all of your guidance so far, the calm in our home and amongst the family is priceless and we are moving a step forward every day. We are able to enjoy the dogs as part of the family once again and that was our ultimate goal. they are happy dogs once again. Knowing you are there for advice takes a lot of the stress away too”.
I can help you, too, with these problems or any other that you may be having with your dog.