Tension on Lead Can Result in Pulling.

A short story about two nine-month-old Labrador sisters. They are bouncy, enthusiastic and friendly, perfect given their breed and their age.

Tension off leads for happy walksThe main problems are jumping up at people and pulling on lead. Walks are causing the gentleman considerable stress. For reasons not relevant here, he only took over walking them a week or so ago. (more…)

Young black labrador lying down

Aggression Around Food Bowl

Millie is a gorgeous five-and-a-half month old Labrador of working stock. Apart from some jumping up she really was the model dog when I was there, biddable and affectionate. She has a lovely family who do everything good dog-owners should. Twice every day, when she has her meals, her stress Read more…

Unruly Adolescent Black Labrador

I fell in love (again)! This time it was with 8-month-old black Labrador Peppa. Her increasingly demanding attention-seeking behaviour was becoming potentially dangerous for their six year old daughter.[divider type=”white”] Behaviour worsens in the evening It tends to be worse in the evening – as it often seems to be Read more…