Emotional Barking. Window Barking. Barking on Walks

I have just been to two lovely little dogs, a Westie and a Miniature Pinscher.

Both bark in a frenzy when someone knocks on the door. Westie Jock barks non-stop when out on a walk.

I group barking roughly into four types – one when the dog simply wants something, another when the dog has been trained to ‘speak’.  Then there is barking in play. The fourth and most common type of barking that I go to help reduce is what you could call ’emotional barking’.

Barking – a symptom not the problem


Depression? Huge Adjustments

Mitzie’s behaviour points to depression. Only after I came home did I get the eureka moment. Westie Mitzie’s odd behaviours, obviously as a result of huge changes to her life, were consistant with depression. They have had the little four-year-old dog for only six days. They are still getting to know her and Read more…

Westie Barks at the TV

Isla, now fifteen months old, started life having been left out in a garden for much of the time, barking. Consequently when the lady took her into her family six months ago the little dog had learnt to bark non-stop. The other Westie, Hamish, began to join in! Although things Read more…

A Dog and a New Baby

Nine-year-old Westie Alfie’s predictable life has been turned on its head – the couple’s first grandchild has arrived on the scene. The new baby grunts, snuffles and cries. The family that previously saved all their cuddles for him, now instead cuddle and hold this strange-smelling alien – an animal maybe? Read more…

Attacking the TV

I have been to mansions to help with dogs and I have been to tiny flats. Yesterday I went to a houseboat on a marina.  I couldn’t believe how spacious it was, like walking through a little door into another world. I met a beautiful little Westie called Snoopy (a Read more…