Reinforcing Unwanted Behaviour. Rewarding Barking.

They do what they can to stop young Basset Hound Bentley doing unwanted things like jumping at the table and barking for attention.

In fact, they are instead reinforcing these very things.

Whilst reinforcing the unwanted behaviour by ultimately giving Bentley what he’s asking for, they also try discipline – ‘NO’.

Confused, Bentley can get cross.


Too excited, over-aroused

Too excited, arousal and raised stress levels. Some dogs and certain breeds of dogs, as we all know, are a lot more prone to being too excited than others (with many exceptions of course). I went to the sweetest pair of Jack Russells yesterday – I’ll call them Jack and Jill. Jill Read more…

Overprotective Dog Causes Problems

An overprotective dog can take over a person’s life, as is the case with the young lady and her stunning two-year-old White Swiss Shepherd, Jake. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but had he had more intensive socialisation at a much younger age things could be different. As it is, the lady only had Read more…

Manners Maketh Dog!

The stunning German Shepherd lacks manners Prince is aptly named. He is treated like a prince and he behaves like a prince!  He lacks what I can only call manners. About eighteen months ago I regularly saw a lady walking her German Shepherd puppy down my road. Soon, as he grew a bit bigger, she Read more…

No Motivation, No Training

In an interview Jean Donaldson says, ‘no motivation, no training’. The family I went to yesterday describe their seven-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jack, as stubborn. I would call him unmotivated. That little face says it al! Motivation really is just the drive that makes him want to do something. Read more…