Angry and frustrated. Maybe scared. Battling BOAS

easily becomes angryBuddy’s angry behaviour has escalated in the last few weeks.

The ten-month-old French Bulldog snorts and gasps. His common Frenchie breathing problem (Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome – BOAS) must make normal life a constant struggle.

If he were an adolescent human struggling to breathe, Buddy could well have a very short fuse, ready to hit out, angry at the smallest thing. (more…)

Cesar Millan Versus Force-Free

Cesar Millan? No! Instead – watch videos of Chirag Patel, Victoria Stilwell, Steve Mann, Nando Brown, Zak George – a huge list of modern force-free trainers doing a much better job but without the same publicity machine and sadly not on National Geographic or prime time TV. The big question Read more…

Rough Play. Double Trouble

Butter wouldn’t melt!!! Here they are lying next to me. Chico and Sheba are an unusual mix of Staffie and Corgi. The one-year-old brother and sister are very friendly, gentle dogs. Absolutely wonderful……and… times…..MANIC! Constant rough play When I arrived it was bedlam with their constant rough play. The sofa Read more…