Newly re-homed German Shepherd barks at cats.

They already have beautiful German Shepherd Dave and, a few days ago, another GSD, Lottie, joined the family.

The most immediate problem is that Lottie barks at cats – they have two that are used to freely coming and going. Now they are scared and Lottie is becoming increasingly reactive.

As she settles in, she behaves like she increasingly regards the cats as scary intruders. (more…)

Rescue Dog Not Home Trained

Missy is house trained but I wouldn’t say she is home trained. I had been in the house for just a few minutes when the large three-year-old Rottweiler jumped straight from the floor onto the dining table I was sitting at (to discourage her from jumping on me), probably smelling treats Read more…

Rehomed Older Dog

As is often the case with a rehomed older dog, it’s impossible to know how that dog will be when he has had time to settle into his new home and a totally different lifestyle. When a dog has probably spent his recent years shut indoors, it is hardly surprising Read more…

Rescue Dog Settling In

I suggested they start all over again just as though Vinnie had never been walked before! They have had the young Jack Russell for just over one week now and he is a rescue dog slowly finding his feet. It’s very likely that he had seldom been outside his home Read more…