A scary world – and the cat!

(An online consultation – Ripley and the cat) Ripley is now five months old. Her mother was a Romanian street dog that was rescued just before her puppies were born. Undoubtedly, after generations of self-preservation, there will be wariness in Ripley’s genes. Ripley growls, barks and lunges From the time Read more…

Squeal When Puppy Bites?

Yesterday’s ‘Help Me Help My Dog’ online behaviour consultation was for a fifteen-week-old puppy. Luna is a Lurcher. Like so many puppies, she goes wild at times, grabbing clothing with her teeth and biting hands and ankles. This may be ‘normal’ puppy behaviour but that doesn’t mean we have to Read more…

Boisterous pup, patient older dog and Christmas

The lady has a 12-year-old black Labrador, Ginny. Her son, who doesn’t live with her, recently got himself a boisterous black Labrador puppy. Bobby is now a very large five months old.

boisterous pupThe lady has a quiet life with elderly Ginny – that is until the son drops boisterous Bobby off! This may happen a couple of times a week.

As soon as he arrives there is bedlam. (more…)

He grabs clothes. Jumps up, tugs, shakes and tears them.

Monty and his shadow

Monty is an absolutely delightful, much-loved Cockerpoo pup, six months old. His coat is unusually soft.

The problem with Monty is he grabs clothes and damages them. After several months, it’s undoubtedly a well-rehearsed, learned behaviour.

They react to the jumping up by telling him Get Down and No, and pushing him. At the same time he may grab the person’s top. The man’s t-shirt had holes in it. (I had been warned and came wearing tough clothes). (more…)

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