Female hormones to blame? One Dachshund goes for the other.

Could female hormones be to blame?

I had just arrived. Without warning, Bella came through the door and attacked Poppy. Fortunately she was wearing a harness and with very fast reflexes the lady lifted her off the floor and onto the chair.

Are female hormones to blame?


I thought I had carefully choreographed my arrival. Knowing Bella’s aggression towards older miniature Dachshund Poppy had been escalating over the past few days, I was to settle in the room with Poppy – they would have her on lead. Then, also on lead, Bella was to join us.

Unfortunately it happened too quickly and the two dogs met in the doorway and Bella exploded. (more…)

Marking or Housetraining?

When the couple go out, they usually come back to small amounts of yellow pee in various parts of the kitchen. Recently this had begun to happen at night too. So they had gone back to ‘housetraining’ the little terrier with frequent visits to the garden. Adorable Buddy is now two Read more…

Marking or Separation Anxiety?

Whether marking or anxiety through being left, the root cause will be Herbie’s feeling of insecurity. Greyhounds have hidden depth. It’s easy to assume that because five-year old Herbie lies around quite a lot and appears peaceful and a bit lazy, that he’s calm inside. I noticed a lot of Read more…

Adolescent Norfolk Terrier

Charlie is an adorable fluffy 7-month old Norfolk Terrier. He lives with an elderly thirteen-year-old golden Labrador who patiently tolerates his playfulness. His family have two problems with Charlie which prompted them to call me out: peeing indoors and refusing to come when called. He is now hitting adolescence and Read more…