He Feels Insecure

An online Help Me Help My Dog consultation Cockerpoo Bobby is a soft, loving, friendly little dog. Bobby feels insecure. Why? Because of Bobby’s reactions to anyone approaching either his house or himself, I believe he feels insecure. Another thing that points towards insecurity is that he has to have. Read more…

Insecure. Feels Vulnerable when Left alone and Encountering Dogs.

insecure when left aloneFeeling insecure is at the root of little Jasper’s problems.

Outside, he barks and lunges at other dogs, rearing up on his hind legs with all his tiny weight.

When left alone, he cries and barks. It has got so bad the lady, who lives in a flat, even wondered whether she could keep him.

She has had the dear little Yorkie for six months now. His first owner had died, he ended up in a pound and then he spent time in a rescue before coming to the lovely home he now has. It’s little wonder he feels insecure. (more…)