Born to Guard. Big Burden for a Family Pet.

guard dogBaloo is born to guard. His entire life centres around guarding his family. He’s ‘on duty’ all the time.

I sat down at the kitchen table and they opened the door. The most enormous dog charged towards me giving a giant rumbling WOOF.

He stopped short of me (fortunately!). He’s a lot bigger than he looks here – they say he weighs about 11 stone. (more…)

Stress. It’s All Down to Stress

Stress. Is it cause or is it symptom? It’s like merry-go-round. Chicken and egg. Barking for attention = stress = barking for attention Barking at the neighbour’s dog = stress = barking at the neighbour’s dog Shredding the mail = stress = shredding the mail Wild excitement before meals = stress Read more…