Force, choke chain and control

force and choke chain unnecessaryForce and control may keep other dogs safe, but it doesn’t improve how beautiful Milo feels about them. The opposite in fact.

It’s always a treat for me, in my job, to meet a German Shepherd that welcomes me into his house! Milo is great with people.

The seven-year-old dog is the most gorgeous, friendly dog. They have come a long way in many respects having worked hard with his ‘manners’ and training since they adopted him four years ago.

However, there is one thing that simply doesn’t improve. That is his attitude towards other dogs when out on walks.


Guarding Food. Guarding Resources.

“We must show the dog who’s boss”. Rex guards his food. Guarding food and resources can be a contentious issue where human response is concerned. Many conscientious dog owners, doing what they believe is best, follow dangerous, outdated notions. These techniques can involve, right from the start as routine training, Read more…