Barks outside in the garden. Ignores them when they call him.

Harvey barks outside in the garden.

Like many people, they have felt it kindest to allow their gorgeous one-year-old Cockerpoo Harvey free access to the garden via a permanently open dog flap. He may need to toilet. [divider type=”white”]

Unwittingly given the role of guard duty

barks outside in the gardenHowever, Harvey’s use of the dog flap has been to charge out looking for trouble.

Then he barks at any sound he hears.


Going Through the Dog Flap

He yelps when going through the dog flap, but no, the yelping isn’t due to pain. Not only has the vet thoroughly checked little Smudge, but they have another identical dog flap in another door and he jumps through that happily. Smudge lives with two other Miniature Daschunds – Ginny Read more…