Control – Carrot or Stick?

GSD lying down


Update on two dogs I saw some weeks ago.

After a run of German Shepherds who are very reactive to anyone coming into their home, it was great to go to a Shepherd who welcomed me immediately.  Murphy and Mastiff-type Bailey are well socialised, well-trained and gentle with their children.

Carrot – or stick?


Guarding Food. Guarding Resources.

“We must show the dog who’s boss”. Rex guards his food. Guarding food and resources can be a contentious issue where human response is concerned. Many conscientious dog owners, doing what they believe is best, follow dangerous, outdated notions. These techniques can involve, right from the start as routine training, Read more…

Cesar Millan Versus Force-Free

Cesar Millan? No! Instead – watch videos of Chirag Patel, Victoria Stilwell, Steve Mann, Nando Brown, Zak George – a huge list of modern force-free trainers doing a much better job but without the same publicity machine and sadly not on National Geographic or prime time TV. The big question Read more…

External Control, No Self-Control

Controlled in a dominant, ‘Alpha’ fashion, Monty gets rebellious and angry – and sometimes just a little scared. He is a magnificent 20-month-old German Shepherd/Husky/Malamute mix. He is a strong dog both physically and mentally. Doing his best to have his dog under control, the young male owner has been Read more…