Management. Management. Management. Changing Routines

To address the problems the lady faces with Harry and Toto, management has to come first. Harry is an 8-year-old terrier, and Toto a Bichon Frise age three.

Over the years, Harry has bitten several times when out, including a child. Fortunately so far he has done little more than to break the skin.

Toto, a more recent rescue, is fine outside the house, but may go for the feet of anyone moving about indoors.

Toto bit a child


Redirected Frustration Biting

Frustration builds up all day, flooding his brain with stress hormones Beautiful Finnish Lapphund Teemu is now nine months old. If things continue in the direction they are going, they worry that either the lady or one of the children will be hurt. So far blood hasn’t been drawn, but if things continue as Read more…

A Dog Has Feelings Much Like Us

Their dog has feelings similar to their own. When I arrived, the man had Cocker Spaniel Danny in the shower. The dog had just come back from his favourite occupation – swimming in a muddy brook. The wet dog then greeted me – confident, curious and friendly. I had been called to help an anxious Read more…

Very Protective Dog

Unfortunately Max has recently bitten several people including two young children and two postmen. Max, age two, was found as a stray and they understandably absolutely adore their little dog. A few months ago they moved house to a busier street, and now Max is doing a lot more barking. Read more…