Barks with Excitement. Barks for Attention.

Bobby barks with excitement.

Gorgeous little Bobby barks with excitement and he barks for attention.

Cockerpoo barks with excitementI didn’t witness this at all – that often happens! It may have been because we were sitting down peacefully much of the time and people moving about can arouse a dog.

It also will have been because I frequently broke off to do things with him – little training games and a bit of clicker work. He had no need to bark to get attention.

The eleven-month-old Cockerpoo was adopted by my clients five days ago. I am helping to make sure he settles in well and they start as they mean to go on. Mostly it has been general tips but they have one main problem.

Barking. (more…)

Too Many People. Too Much Noise

This is Boris, a delightful five-year-old Miniature Daschund. He is a little shy, a sensitive soul. Delightful. Boris has had a big upheavel in his life. A couple of weeks ago they moved into a large house with a swimming pool.[divider type=”white”] Too many people and too much noise Boris Read more…