Boisterous pup, patient older dog and Christmas

The lady has a 12-year-old black Labrador, Ginny. Her son, who doesn’t live with her, recently got himself a boisterous black Labrador puppy. Bobby is now a very large five months old.

boisterous pupThe lady has a quiet life with elderly Ginny – that is until the son drops boisterous Bobby off! This may happen a couple of times a week.

As soon as he arrives there is bedlam. (more…)

Constant High State of Arousal

Border Terrier, Monty, has a range of issues that his lovely owners want to resolve. Actually, they all stem from just one thing, over-arousal. He is a clever and perky little dog, amenable and friendly (due to the angle, he looks a lot bigger in this photo than he is). The day starts Read more…

Continual Barking

It was quite hard to take a photo of six-year-old Daschund Chippy due to his continual barking. He was seldom still enough! This little dog is on high alert all the time and extremely vocal. He barks at every sound he hears and at anything passing the window. One of their other Read more…

Fighting Females

All went very well indeed until one day about six months ago. The two dogs would share the same bed, play and walk together. They fed in the same room and there were absolutely no problems until, seemingly out of the blue, Dolly went for Flossie out in the garden. Read more…