Angry and frustrated. Maybe scared. Battling BOAS

easily becomes angryBuddy’s angry behaviour has escalated in the last few weeks.

The ten-month-old French Bulldog snorts and gasps. His common Frenchie breathing problem (Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome – BOAS) must make normal life a constant struggle.

If he were an adolescent human struggling to breathe, Buddy could well have a very short fuse, ready to hit out, angry at the smallest thing. (more…)

He Bit the Postman

Here is two-year-old Rory, a German Shepherd/Husky mix. A very handsome dog! He lives in a family with two kids aged fifteen and ten. Rory is becoming increasingly protective and this has culminated a few days ago with his biting the postman. This is very serious, not least because the Read more…