Yesterday’s ‘Help Me Help My Dog’ online behaviour consultation was for a fifteen-week-old puppy.

Luna is a Lurcher.

Like so many puppies, she goes wild at times, grabbing clothing with her teeth and biting hands and ankles.

This may be ‘normal’ puppy behaviour but that doesn’t mean we have to endure it’s full force!

There are many false solutions going the rounds, and the most counter-productive one is to give a loud squeal.

A loud squeal merely fires puppy up further. 

A soft squeak may tell an 8-week-old puppy something if your hand is immediately replaced with an item. An older puppy, where biting increases with his state of excitement, doubles his arousal and roughness in response to a loud squeal.

The fighting game becomes even more fun! You are joining in!


In Luna’s case, touching her is one of the triggers and this can even be when they are stroking her gently. It sounds like she’s one of those puppies who doesn’t much like being touched, particularly on top.

So I suggest they don’t pet her apart from a gentle tickle on her chest or behind ears. Then stop and gauge her response. 

They should never play hand games. Hands aren’t two more puppies to bite! As soon as any biting begins they should remove their hands and give Luna something else for her mouth.

A box of chewable and wreckable goodies should always be to hand!

If you have a puppy that bites and gets increasingly wild as the day progress, join the Puppy Biting Clinic.

Some feedback a week after our online meeting: ‘With regards to the nipping she is a lot better, almost a different dog….The walking is getting there slowly……Thanks for your help and guidance so far we have found it invaluable’.