a border collie with no lifeI have been in touch with two different people recently who have taken on a young dog in their old age.

Border Collie Zac is one such dog. The situation is incredibly sad. His elderly owner, Barry, was sold him as a puppy three years ago when his wife died. Then, unable to look after himself, Barry has had to move in with his son and daughter-in-law.

Zac now lives in Barry’s bedroom which happens to be the conservatory. You can imagine how hot that is at this time of year. He can’t go into other parts of the house nor freely out into the garden on account of his son’s two cocker spaniels – because the dogs fight.

So here we have a three-year-old Border Colle who lives in one hot room with an old man and three cats, and who is taken out on lead once a day for ten minutes if he is lucky, resulting in indoor toiletting at times, and he has become fat. He has become territorial which isn’t surprising – although I didn’t experience this myself.

Barry loves Zac and says that he is ‘family’. Zac is a link to happier times when he had his own life and he doesn’t want to give him up.  However, his son and daughter-in-law can’t cope. I really hope that, having talked to Barry, he will be able to see Zac’s life from a dog’s point of view, and that he will be prepared to make the ultimate loving sacrifice for him by allowing him to go to a more suitable home. He is a gorgeous boy – amazingly good given the circumstances – which is tribute to Barry’s ‘parenting’ in the early days before having to move out of his own home.

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