Lucy arrived five days ago, having probably lived with travellers. It was obvious she hadn’t lived in a house before so she has some has settling in to do.

Already she is nearly house-trained so they are doing very well.

Lucy is affectionate and biddable. As you would expect a twenty-month-old Jack Russell to be – she is also very playful.

All to much for Freddie

I watched a couple of videos of  Lucy playing with 11-year-old Freddie. Although he is joining in for the most part, it is one-sided. Most of the play chasing and play ‘attacking’ comes from her.

Freddie is showing signs of anxiety and worry. At present, to escape, he takes himself off to the the man’s study but never before has he had to leave the room where the couple are.

His own den or bolthole

I suggested a puppy pen in the room where they spend most of their time. I’m sure it will only be temporary while Lucy is settling in.

Dear little Freddie will then have a safe bolthole whilst remaining in the same room as everyone and not being excluded from anything.

Another advantage is, to avoid any possible trouble, Freddie can eat in the pen and Lucy outside. They can both have chews and treats in safety.

Settling in

They have great plans for training Lucy but I suggest they give her a break for another couple of weeks – more time for settling in. It is all a very new world for her.

I shall be helping them for five weeks as they have chosen my online ‘package’ deal, so together we will take things forward and watch the situation between the two dogs carefully.

A huge plus with Lucy is that she is confident around other dogs and people. The two dogs walk nicely together and walks are a pleasure.

The lady has understandably been very worried.

All will be well.

A lovely message, three months later: ‘I am so pleased that the dogs, Freddie Maltipoo and JRT Lucy can eat high value buffalo tripe chews while sitting next to one another! In the past Lucy would have frightened Freddie and stolen his treat, hoarding them all. The work we did with you and Lucy was invaluable getting to this point. Freddie has always been our boy and we love Lucy so much now! So thank you so much’.

NB. For the sake of the story and for confidentiality also, this isn’t a complete ‘report’ and is always written with permission of the client. If you listen to ‘other people’ or find instructions on the internet or TV that are not tailored to your own dog it can do more harm than good. Click here for help