How to have a gentle puppy
You are at your wits end.

You have tried everything you can think of.
You have followed lots of advice.

Your puppy is causing family conflict.

Your kids are scared of puppy.

Does any of this sound like you?

Is your little bundle of joy turning into a demon?

I collate in three video chats what I have learnt over my many years of unique experience, working with thousands of dogs and puppies.

**The NannyDog Puppy Biting Clinic is not available anywhere else**


1) Where does puppy biting come from?

2) The build-up and the triggers

3) What to do – and what not to do. Your strategies.

From little terror to little treasure

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‘Your advice has been a godsend’. Joanne Doherty

‘Everything has changed he hasn’t attempted to nip me or my mum. (My little girl)..well they play like siblings. He loves hunting for food. He is calmer but still being the loon we love‘. Claire Milburn