How to have a gentle puppy
Are you at your wits end?

Have you tried everything you can think of?

Is puppy causing family conflict?

Is your little bundle of joy turning into a demon?

I collate in three video chats what I have learnt over my many years of unique experience, working with thousands of dogs and puppies.

**The NannyDog Puppy Biting Clinic is not available anywhere else**


1) Where does puppy biting come from?

2) The build-up and the triggers

3) What to do – and what not to do

From little terror to little treasure

Your Puppy Biting Clinic videos will be waiting in a private Facebook group.


 ‘Making progress every day’, You opened our eyes’, ‘You secretly waved a virtual magic wand’, ‘Would highly recommend Theo to others’, A much happier household and a much happier puppy’.


won't walk on shiny floor

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