Patterdale is used to being obeyedBertie is a big dog in a little dog’s body!

These pictures tell a story. When I arrived he was jumping at me. We all sat down with the idea of waiting until he was calm before I would greet him, but he barked at me and tried to jump on me, and then at his lady and gentleman, in order to get attention. Even to be told to stop or shouted at would have constituted attention, and he wasn’t getting it. Bertie barked. Bertie barked.

Their usual method of say ‘No Bark’ didn’t work (seldom does apparently). He had brief breaks and then came back and started again. After an hour or so of ear-piercing noise, having tried different tactics, we tried putting him calmly in the crate in which he slept at night and covering it. Quiet at last! We repeated this many times letting him out, barking started, and putting him back in. Soon he was welcoming his new behaviour boundaries and some meaningful leadership. Then, eventually, he went to his bed and relaxed, a happy dog.

Bertie simply isnTime out in his crate‘t accustomed to not being obeyed. One of the main reasons I was called was that he wouldn’t come in from the garden. Why should he? He runs them a merry dance, ducking and diving and hiding under the car while they try to fish him out. Not so funny at midnight in dressing gowns and wanting to go to bed! Bertie is very good at demanding attention when he wants it, but not good at doing what they want! So – leadership/dog ‘parenting’ skills are needed.

He is well trained so far as understanding commands is concerned, but understanding is one thing, obeying is another. A little tiny dog can so easily run rings around tall humans!

Most people with the best will in the world are trying to do right by their dog by ‘training’ it; however, using traditional trainingBertie settles at last methods or ideas may not work because they are approaching training from a human perspective and human values which mean diddly squat to any intelligent dog. They need to learn to think like a dog and approach training from a dog’s perspective, and then eventually they will have a wonderful animal that chooses to work with them of its own free will.

Basically, if Bertie knows they want him to do something, that is his reason for not doing it!

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