Helping You Help Your Dog: With People

Do any of the following apply to you? 

  • Is your dog reactive to people, making it impossible to have people to your house?
  • Is your dog reactive to one or more family member?
  • Is your dog reactive to children or unhappy with the new baby?
  • Is your dog over-excitable with people?
  • Has your dog bitten, or you worry that he/she may bite?

I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of dogs over the years displaying fear, aggression or over-excitement towards people. The cause can be complex, unexpected and many times very unpredictable. Once we start dealing with the cause and changing what is driving the dog, then meeting friends, having people to your house, walking around outside and feeling safe becomes possible and the new daily norm.

Examples of issues with other people include: Barking at people, showing their teeth, not allowing a family member to move about freely, displaying fear or hostility to people coming to your house, lunging at people out on walks.

The Dogidog framework is a structured approach that involves a series of steps, questions, and diagnostics. It provides valuable insights into understanding your dog’s behaviour. By utilising this framework, we assess your current situation and your desired goals. From there, we create a straightforward, step-by-step guide for you to follow. It’s important to note that the majority of dog behaviour issues are effectively resolved through owner education. That’s why my online video assistance is highly effective in helping you and your dog.

After my 1-1 with Theo recently I’ve started moving in a different direction. I’m using clicker training. Mental stimulation. Calming techniques and everything that keeps her calm. Only been a few days and already I’m noticing a difference in her stress levels. Long way to go but every small change is a win. I’m feeling a sense of hope. And It’s really opened my eyes. Thanks, Theo!