Helping You Help Your Dog: With Other Dogs

Do any of the following apply to you? 

  • Is your dog reactive to all or some other dogs and are your walks restricted?
  • Is your dog reactive to or fighting with one or more of your own family dogs
  • Is your dog over-excitable around dogs? Does your dog not know how to play nicely?
  • Has your dog either attacked or been attacked by another dog?
  • Are you worried your dog will need rehoming, or worst of all, be euthanised?

I have successfully worked with hundreds of dogs over the years that have displayed fearfulness, aggression or even out-of-control excitement around other dogs. There are often triggers the owner isn’t aware of and makes life out and about very difficult and stressful for both you and your dog.

Once we identify the cause and address these issues, helping the owner to understand how to handle things, the dog becomes more chilled around other dogs. Walks become a joy, not a challenge and everyone feels safer.

Examples of issues with other dogs include: barking or lunging at other dogs on walks, unpredictable behaviour on meeting another dog, your dogs are fighting, gets over-excitable around other dogs or doesn’t know how to play nicely.

    The Dogidog framework is a structured approach that involves a series of steps, questions, and diagnostics. It provides valuable insights into understanding your dog’s behaviour. By utilising this framework, we assess your current situation and your desired goals. From there, we create a straightforward, step-by-step guide for you to follow. It’s important to note that the majority of dog behaviour issues are effectively resolved through owner education. That’s why my online video assistance is highly effective in helping you and your dog.

    We have made so much progress with these two! We’ve been following Theo Stewart ‘s advice and things have improved so much, to the point where Darcy will let Bruno sleep next to her Last night we had our first dog walk when both dogs were off their leads and happily walking and sniffing together. Thank you so much Theo!