Here you will find an extensive library of “real life” case stories of dogs I have helped.

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I hope you find the stories useful. 

Barks at Inanimate Objects. Stress is the Trigger

Jester suddenly barks at inanimate objects. Why? Something tips him over. He looks about and he looks up. He spots a burglar alarm box high on the wall of a house or a security camera, a clock, a satellite dish, a street light or even the moon. Jester barks uncontrollably.

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Five-month-old puppy alarm barks

They worry because their five-month-old Show Cocker Oscar’s barking is getting too much now. Some dogs are simply more vocal than others The main problem is two dogs next door that run up and down the fence, barking aggressively at the puppy. This isn’t good. It scares Oscar and he

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Working Cocker chases shadows and lights

It started when Poppy was 6 months old. The light caught the gentleman’s glasses on the floor for a couple of minutes. That was it. The Working Cocker is now one year old. Her obsession with chasing shadows and lights plagues her life. It also affects her family. One can

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