Here you will find an extensive library of “real life” case stories of dogs I have helped.

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I hope you find the stories useful. 

Kiera barks. They have ‘tried everything’.

They have tried everything they can to ‘stop the barking’. This includes what ‘people’ have said they should do when the young German Shepherd barks. They have tried bark collars, a water spray and shaking stones in a bottle. Actually, they’ve not tried everything. One very important thing they’ve not

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The Westie screams. Is it fear? Is it pain?

JoJo the Westie Screams. He is eleven years old. He has lived with the couple for just a few months now. He is a model dog in every respect bar this. Previously he lived in kennels as a stud dog and show dog. He’s never lived as a pet in

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Preventing problem between dogs developing

The couple have two lovely dogs that get on like a house on fire. There may be a problem between dogs beginning however. Rogue, a Romanian rescue and the more recent edition, has started growling at Labradoodle Jasper, age 9. They don’t want this to develop into anything serious. Any

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Aggressive to their new dog, the other side of the world.

This was a very interesting online session. The dog is sometimes aggressive towards one of their other dogs. It took me all the way the other side of the world to Florida and to a farm with hundreds of acres. They have six dogs. Three are Great Pyrenees and one

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