Here you will find an extensive library of “real life” case stories of dogs I have helped.

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I hope you find the stories useful. 

Obsessed with balls and chasing sticks.

It is sometimes hard to determine whether changes in a re-homed dog’s behaviour after a couple of weeks or so is due to settling in and old traits resurfacing, or to something the new people themselves are doing. Probably a mix of both. They have had delightful two-year-old DJ for

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Bella and barking at the neighbours

The couple have fallen out with their neighbours because of their dog’s barking. If Working Cocker Bella hears or sees a neighbour at the fence, she goes mad. She will bark in the house if she hears them. She is constantly on the lookout and the listen-out. They need Bella

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Mystery barking. Why does Vinny bark?

The most annoying barking is while the lady is on the phone, trying to work.

The other is the real mystery. He barks at a corner of the room under the TV. This is a little shrine where they keep the ashes of their two past dogs, along with a couple of balls and their collars

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Bad advice

This is the story of Sprocker pup Pete.

Bad advice had made things a lot worse. He had the young lady in tears. Have you been following bad advice?

Traumatised by thunder

This is the story of Beagle Jessie.

Jessie was so scared of bangs that she wouldn’t walk.