Here you will find an extensive library of “real life” case stories of dogs I have helped.

You can search all posts for specific words and this will bring up a list of stories containing the word (for example “aggression”), or you can browse from specific categories, or just browse the archive.

I hope you find the stories useful. 

On lead he barks and screams at approaching dogs

Super friendly little Miniature Schnauzer Alfie just loves people. Not other dogs. Sometimes he ignores dogs. Other times goes nuts at a distant dog the other side of the park. He shrieks and screams. Much of Alfie’s day is spent at the window barking at passing dogs. He barks Go

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Frantically excited when guests come into their home

It’s all about the build-up. Cocker Spaniel Mackie is three years old. He is lively, excitable and friendly. The couple have their two adult daughters living nearby. One has a toddler and the other a baby. Their problem is that Mackie becomes frantically excited when family calls. Excitement builds up

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