Here you will find an extensive library of “real life” case stories of dogs I have helped.

You can search all posts for specific words and this will bring up a list of stories containing the word (for example “aggression”), or you can browse from specific categories, or just browse the archive.

I hope you find the stories useful. 

Not separation distress so much as fear of missing out

Indy is now twenty weeks old and he’s never been left all alone when they go out of the house. It soon became clear though that this isn’t yet the real problem. Indy simply loves company and doesn’t want to be left out of any action there may be! It’s

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High-pitched frantic barking in the car.

Issie’s frantic barking begins every time they arrive at a destination and the car stops. However, there is a lot more involved. It’s not as simple as just dealing with barking at the end of a journey. She also gets very wound up when someone walks up to the house,

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