lively border collie puppyThis photo doesn’t at all do justice to twenty-week-old Border Collie Pip, but it was hard to catch him still enough! I gave him a Stagbar and that did the trick (for a while).

Being alone with a clever and lively Border Collie puppy all day can be wearing! The lady is at work and the gentleman, semi-retired, sometimes has to leave the house for a bit of peace!

I was with them for about three hours advising on all sorts of typical puppy things as they cropped up. This will start them off and I shall be back to help with walking nicely on lead.

When I arrived Pip was at the door, running out behind me to herd me in (okay now but maybe not a good idea when he’s older). He jumped up persistently (he will learn that keeping on the floor is more rewarding). He leapt on the sofa which they don’t want (he may get cross if pulled or lifted off, so his willing cooperation is essential), he has too much space when left alone resulting in a little damage (easily solved), he mouths and grabs the lady’s shoes and trousers (such fun – until he learns that not grabbing them is even better), he jumps and grabs at his lead before and during walks (such a good game) and he crouches to stalk and chase cyclsits and joggers (he is a collie after all – so this trait needs redirecting onto something better).

Pip is so fortunate to live with people who want to make sure he is on the right route to becoming a happy, well-mannered and reliable adult dog. A stitch in time saves nine. He is really a very good puppy; the clever little dog and has already learnt lots of words and ‘commands’. He is toilet trained already, he doesn’t bark exessively for attention, he doesn’t mug them for their food, if he’s shut away his protests are mild, he doesn’t have separation issues, he loves all people and dogs and when off lead he stays near them (so far!).