lady's nerves affect BrunoBruno really is the sweetest dog you can imagine. Here he is asking us to throw the ball. He is a three-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the lady bred him herself.[divider type=”white”]

Lady’s nerves affecting Bruno

This dog’s problem really centres around the owner – and the lady can see it whilst not being able to do anything about it! She herself had been bitten by a dog as a child, and is still nervous of other dogs. Considering her panic at even the thought of encountering another dog, it really is surprising that Bruno isn’t far worse; but then, the gentleman is much more confident.

Until a short while ago when he was already over-excited by playing with three other dogs, he had a fight with one of them; apart from this he’s never actually shown any aggression. In this fight he came off the worse. This understandably made the lady’s nerves even worse.[divider type=”white”]

He can go nowhere there may be other dogs

The couple regularly go away to the coast, but Bruno has to be left behind because there are lots of dogs there. They would also like to take him to the pub – but there may be another dog. He is fine with the dogs he knows! The lady is simply too anxious. Bruno will pick up on the lady’s nerves for sure.

So, from the moment she leaves the house, the lady needs to feel confident and in control so she will need to take it slowly – for her own sake rather than Bruno’s!

I suggest that she initally muzzles Bruno and then goes to the coast and goes to the pub (a drink may help her confidence! The muzzle can be introduced slowly so that he actually welcomes it. The lady can then relax! Bruno will sense that. From all they have told me, without the lady’s nerves I am sure Bruno will be fine. When she gains confidence in him, she will be able to remove the muzzle.

The lady says, ‘But everyone will think I have a vicious dog if he wears a muzzle!’. This is another hurdle people need to get over. What does it matter what ‘other people’ think?

Your own dog is the important thing!