Consultation with ten days’ support: £285

Consultation with six weeks’ support: £325


  • Home Consultation with either six weeks or ten days support along with a detailed plan and aftercare.
  • If six weeks’ support, includes any further visit(s).
  • I tailor the six weeks specifically to yourself and your dog(s).
  • I set aside time so that I can see new cases very promptly if necessary.
  • A ‘Getting Started’ session is at least 2 hours for us to get to know one another and for me to properly understand your dog(s).  I make a thorough analysis of the situation and provide experienced behaviour help and strategies.
  • After this meeting, I carefully prepare a personalised behaviour training plan for you to follow which you will receive within 24 hours. There will be no need to take notes.
  • Thereafter I provide help and support for ten days/six weeks* with both behaviour work and dog training if relevant, at a level that gives you the very best chance of eventual success.
  • The results of my help won’t be over in the six weeks but likely to change the way you understand and interact with your dog for always.
  • I limit the number of clients I work with at any one time, so I can give of my best.
NB. Due to allowing for the potential amount of time looking after each client may take during their six-week period, I limit the number of new clients I take on at any one time.

*An extension can be negotiated if necessary. If you are going away or on holiday during your six weeks, I will compensate for the time missed.

Designed for:

  • Dog owners and carers who want the very best help in changing their dog’s behaviour.
  • Those who have the commitment for six-weeks of work with me and their dog.
  • For people who are happy to keep in close touch with me using email as well as phone.
  • For those where their dog’s problems are complicated or deep as well as more simple situations that challenge you.
  • For those who are having difficulty in settling in a new rescue dog.
  • For those wanting to help a new puppy through the first important six weeks. ‘Puppy Parenting’ is a lot more than just puppy training and pre-empts future problems.

Tell me about yourself and your dog(s)

How to book:

Just fill in the contact form or call me on 01767 641070. We can have a chat about how I would help you and we can book an appointment at a time to suit your family. Evenings and weekends are available. I cover much of Beds, Herts, Bucks and Cambs.

PS. No extra charge for multiple dogs in the same household.

Payment by cheque, cash or bank transfer either in advance or at the end of the consultation.

It’s taken me years of costly investment and experience to become the expert I am now. 

The areas I cover and travel costs. 

Just click the map for travel costs. If you are out of my area for home visits, please see DIAL distance help (below).

For a copy of the terms and conditions I will ask you to sign at the end of the consultation, please click here.

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“We used Theo some years ago. She was fantastic and it all made sense and I would thoroughly recommend her. View the cost as an investment in your dog which you and your dog will benefit from for many years”. Christine Thatcher on Facebook, August 2015

Theo Stewart, The Dog Lady