Your key to puppy’s best future begins on Day One

Why do so many of our relationships with dogs eventually end in heartbreak?

Dogs are rehomed or even euthanised simply due to unwanted behaviours

Learn how to to have a puppy that grows up to be the dog you want

  • PRE-ARRIVAL: Before puppy arrives, learn what to do form Day One and what you need to get. Be prepared.
  • The first couple of weeks can shape puppy’s life.
  • POST-ARRIVAL: When puppy has arrived, learn straight away how best to deal with excitement, biting, toilet training and the rest.
  • PRE-EMPT future problems that can cause heartache such as separation anxiety, resource guarding, inadequate socialisation, fear of people and reactivity to other dogs.

Enjoy the magic of puppyhood to the full


(An online session of around 30 minutes before puppy arrives)


(An online session minimum of around one hour soon after puppy arrives)


Paypal (contact me if you prefer different method) leads to questionnaire, to booking system.
We meet on Zoom

About Me

Theo Stewart
Behaviourist, consultant, therapist, trainer and dog problem solver.

Over the past seventeen years I have been to thousands of dogs and hundreds of different houses. I have met so many wonderful people, people who love their dogs and want to do the best for them.

For the past two years online consultations have been very successful in the majority of cases.

My love of dogs started many years ago with a Rottweiler called Merlin and Magic, a German Shepherd. Back then it was all about harsh dog training and ‘correcting’ the dog in order to force it to ‘obey’. Commands were sergeant major-style orders. How different things are today. With all my subsequent learning and experience, I have proved beyond any possible doubt that kind, positive and force-free methods not only work best, but they ensure we feel comfortable in our relationship with our dog. I am down to four dogs now. I can’t imagine a life without dogs.


What Sets Me Apart


A wealth of experience, fully accredited, recommended by clients and vets. Certified Canine Behaviourist (INTODogs), Certified Animal Behaviourist (ICAN), Accredited Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer (VSPDT), full member of IMDT, PPG & INTODogs


I restrict the number of "active" clients (at any one time) to ensure I am able to see new cases very promptly if necessary. Rather than taking on "lots of clients", I manage my time so I am able to give sufficient time to everyone on my list


I offer different levels of support including: Home Consultation with either six weeks or ten days support along with a detailed plan and aftercare. Distance Support using video conferencing
A dedicated Facebook Group to help support local people with Fearful Dogs