Rory is a handsome German Shepher Husky mixHere is two-year-old Rory, a German Shepherd/Husky mix. A very handsome dog! He lives in a family with two kids aged fifteen and ten.

Rory is becoming increasingly protective and this has culminated a few days ago with his biting the postman. This is very serious, not least because the law is in the process of being changed so that owners are liable whose dogs attack even on their own property (and even if the person shouldn’t be there).

From Rory’s point of view, life should be blissful but in actual fact, in his mind, he is burdened with huge responsibility. He keeps an eye on each family member’s every movement. He patrols back and forth as they move around the house, and if they settle in different rooms he places himself strategically in a central spot.

He likes to lie on the landing watching the front door. He likes to be higher. He likes to be ahead also. When someone gets up he is instantly ahead at the door, pushing through the door first.

He simply never rests when people are about until everyone is in bed, asleep – and even then he’s not off duty as he sleeps in the son’s bedroom.

Rory is reserved and slightly aloof by nature, but suddenly fires into life if someone comes up the drive or to the door – hurling himself at the door, hackles up and barking ferociously. He believes it’s his job to protect his family and the territory.

Although he is a guarding breed, in a family environment it’s not safe to have a guard dog. Moreover, it’s unfair to allow the dog to believe the job is his and then to punish or scold when he is driven to execute his job to the best of his ability. Rory needs to learn that his owners are their to protect him and not visa versa. He can be a very good burglar alarm, but he needs to know that they deal with the problem and not him.

It’s a ‘leader’ who is the protector, provider and decision-maker. Rory needs to be of this duty.

About six weeks later: “Rory is actually doing very well, calmer, obedient and generally so much easier. My son has noticed that he does not pull when he takes him for a walk.  Dog walker thinks he is an angel (biased I suspect). We are still following everything to the letter!! ……quite a few friends have commented on how much calmer he seems. We will keep going!!
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