Theo Stewart, ICAN(CAB), Certified Canine Behaviourist INTODogs, IMDT, ISCP, VSPDT, PPG

Online Behaviour


Set up your 1-hour Online Dog Behaviour Session

      • ‘Book Here’ leads to payment then a questionnaire
      • The questionnaire leads to the booking system to choose your time
      • Choice of times always available within a few days
      • The booking system automatically sends you a link to Zoom for your chosen time*
      • You get to keep the recording
      • Ongoing support available
      • If you would like to talk it through first, click here

*The booking system automatically converts time zones

“I’m not sure if Theo secretly waved a magic virtual wand, but the sessions have been a great success”

“We’ve changed the way we are with him and he’s almost like a totally different dog. I found the meeting itself absolutely perfect, .”

“Your style was exactly what we were looking for (supportive, practical, informative, not judgy).”

About Me

Theo Stewart
Behaviourist, consultant, therapist, trainer and dog problem solver.

Over the past sixteen years I have been to thousands of dogs and hundreds of different houses. I have met so many wonderful people, people who love their dogs and want to do the best for them.

For the past 18 months I have been doing Zoom consultations and they have proved extremely effective. I am now very practised at this.

My love of dogs started many years ago with a Rottweiler called Merlin and Magic, a German Shepherd. Back then it was all about harsh dog training and ‘correcting’ the dog in order to force it to ‘obey’. Commands were sergeant major-style orders. How different things are today. With all my subsequent learning and experience, I have proved beyond any possible doubt that kind, positive and force-free methods not only work best, but they ensure we feel comfortable in our relationship with our dog. I am down to four dogs now. I can’t imagine a life without dogs.