CockerBobbyBobby is a five-year-old chocolate working Cocker Spaniel. He is an unusual mixture of easy and difficult, well trained and wilful!

His male owner had him for four years before meeting his partner, and they don’t always agree on how Bobby should be treated. She says it’s like taking on a stepchild with the various emotions involved. If the couple are talking to each other or not paying Bobby attention, he will bark and bark until he gets his own way. He also jumps all over them, stands on them, walks all over them – even standing on the back of the sofa above them at times.

Bobby is very well trained so far as commands are concerned so long as there is a food reward – he will do anything food. The downside is that he will eat anything he can get including underwear! He is a real pest while they eat their meals – staring, jumping and barking.

He repeatedly asks to go out into the garden because the clever boy has worked out this is a way to get food! He scratches at the door, they let him out, then he scratches to come back in but runs off until they bribe him in with food. He may even negotiate for better food!

On walks he pulls like a train down the road, but off lead he is a dream, never going more than about ten metres and always willing to come back (for food of course). He is like a dog magnet. He loves them and they love him.

Some rules around food will be put in place, patience will be needed until he learns that his particular methods of getting attention don’t work, and going back to basics with lead work whilst using a completely different approach should make walking with Bobby a pleasure.

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