ViszlaLola1A couple of months ago I visited Viszla puppy Lola, then age just 5 months.  A series of circumstances had quickly transformed a confident and friendly puppy into a nervous wreck. This is her story.

They have worked so hard at building her confidence back and I have just received this message:

“Lola really is a different dog to the one you saw a couple of months ago. She is back to the best of what she was before she got stressed but better still in many ways. It’s hard to describe how different she is but we can all see it.

She’s so much more relaxed and settled, much more affectionate (like she used to be), seemingly not bothered about cars at all now – and we are getting there with buses and vans; just a really happy girl.

I’m sure there will be things that come up as she matures (and I’ll be in touch for advice when they do!) but we feel we have the tools to work with her and keep her happy and confident now and it’s amazing to think back to how she was before you came to visit and how far we have come.

She hasn’t growled at any other dogs since our last email exchange a few weeks ago.

By the way, I’m sitting here now as Lola scoffs down her food as if she’s never eaten before in her life (we changed her diet also) – so different from the situation we had before! It was gone before I even finished typing that sentence!”