EBT Ben is taking a rare breakBen, a rather mixed up two-year-old English Bull Terrier, lives in a busy household with four generations of people. Grandad is very old and uses a walking stick around the house that Ben dangerously likes to grab, Mother consequently keeps him out of the way in his crate because getting cross with him makes him worse; she is unable to do her garden without Ben grabbing her trousers and nipping her feet, his young gentleman owner is away from home much of the time, the lady has been bitten a couple of times due to Ben’s possessive guarding of his bed, and he jumps up at the children.

On the plus side he’s not a big barker, he is friendly with people if a bit pushy and he is good with other dogs.

There is often a lot going on in the house, but it is around Ben rather than with him. He’s in the way. He is very demanding of attention which he always ultimately gets but under his own terms just so they can have a bit of peace. He is obsessed with his ball.  He crate guards also which has been made worse by family members teasing him. Ben also is a humper, and due to his strength this can be difficult. The family are reluctantly considering castration, and although I personally am not a great advocate, I feel in this case it could well make a difference so long as the behaviour work is put in as well.

Recently they have moved house which has added to Ben’s confusion, so much so that he is now reluctant to walk down the road. He pulls on lead, much of time dragging back in the direction of home. He is scared to go out in the garden after dark.

So, Ben needs some quality time and consistent boundaries from all family members and no mixed messages. An alternative to his crate is being organised so he can be safely out of the way when necessary without being excluded form the family. His owners will work  to give Ben the leadership he so needs so that the family can enjoy having him and so that he has a fulfilling life himself.

I can help you, too, with these problems or any other that you may be having with your dog.