Milo looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth Milo can be both naughty and extremely anxiousWhat – constantly on the go and gets up to mischief if ignored? You wouldn’t believe it would you! Eighteen-month old Milo is divine. He’s a cross between a Jack Russell and a Cocker Spaniel.

He can be both very naughty and extremely anxious. You can see on the right the lifted paw – this shows he is worried and he does this a lot of the time. He constantly craves attention – and he has always had a lot of it. His lady owner is at home all day and he is very dependent upon her indeed (as perhaps she is on him).

His really naughty time of day is when the gentleman comes home from work! Milo tries him to the limit and is expert at winding him up. If he doesn’t get his own way he steals something or he chews something – his bed or the carpet for instance. If told to stop he may go wild and tear up the garden with the remote in his mouth. The lady has much better control in that he may come for her, but he runs the man a merry dance of chase around the garden, scaring himself in the process, when all the man wants is to put his feet up after a busy day.

The worst impact that Milo has on their lives is that he can’t be left alone at all. They can never go out together without taking Milo too. He cries and he howls, and they find it very distressing. He is with the lady all the time, all day and in their bed at night. Little by little he needs to be taught some independence. The lady is well aware of this and has made a start already, leaving for a few minutes and recording what is happening in her absence.

Milo is getting some sort satisfaction from his ‘naughty’ behaviour else he wouldn’t be doing it. Part of it may be that it helps him to relieve the stress which has built up inside him. He is a little dog very easily frightened by big things like vehicles and by different or sudden things.

Bless him. They have tried a trainer who advocated alpha rolling him and shaking stones in his face, and they have sent him somewhere for a weekend when they had to go away – and this establishment returned him saying he would now ‘behave’. He came back much more nervous than before and scared of even beng approached with the lead.

Now they have a regime that rests easy with them – kind solutions and positive alternatives to his unwanted behaviours that given time and patience will actually work, and certain rules and boundaries that should help him grow in confidence.

Just ten days later: ‘Things are going really well here Milo is like a different dog he is so calm and seems so happy and content. In turn we are so much more relaxed, our evenings have massively improved to the point where we say to each other where is the dog and he has took himself off somewhere and is fast asleep quite happy, something he would never have done before, he used to demand attention if we were watching tv or doing anything else and would never leave our sides. Over the weekend we were in the garden pottering about, R was cutting the grass and i was in and out the house usually Milo would be by my side or in the garden near R but he was sound asleep on the top of the stairs on his own, to me this was a massive improvement as that is something he would never have done in the past. I cant thank you enough for helping us back on to the right track, Milo is so relaxed and seems so happy and in turn we are so relaxed and happy. I know we still have a very long way to go with the separation issues but I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel now and know if we keep on with the routines and instructions that it will all be ok’.
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