Chocolate Labrador Barney is sitting still for a momentHaving lost my own Chocolate Labrador Marmite to heart disease last month at the age of just six, it was a special treat to meet Barney yesterday.

Barney is fifteen months old and extremely energetic. It takes him a long time to settle down when his owners come home and it takes even longer for him to quieten down when anyone comes to their house.  He is very persistent with his jumping up and the jumping all over people continues even when they sit down. All efforts to control this with commands and physical restraint have made no difference. He even pulls towards people in the street in order to jump all over them.

Lovely Barney needs to learn some self control!

He is given two long walks a day, but when he gets home he needs to unwind. This to me is a fair indication that the long walks are not doing their job of making him more relaxed – but over-stimulating him instead. Needless to say, walks are a stressful pulling contest!

Barney has so many good points and he is a teenager after all. He is very happy when left alone, he is superb in the car, I don’t think he would know how to be aggressive and he loves other dogs even if he’s a bit overwhelming with them.

So, self-control will start with his owners giving him some firm rules and boundaries, in a kind and fair way, so that he learns that good behaviour works and that unwanted behaviour doesn’t. At the end of the day he should be a wonderful dog that can be taken anywhere.

If you live in my area and have a dog that needs to learn some self control, why not give me a call?

I can help you, too, with these problems or any other that you may be having with your dog.