An online consultation

Here is Ralph, a Springer age two-and-a-half.

What prompted his lady owner to get help was his aggressive behaviour towards a neighbour.

The man was entering his front garden when Ralph pushed past and out of the door.

He charged at the neighbour, barking aggressively.

The lady was very embarrassed.

ralph also sometimes barks at people when they are out, particularly when it’s dark.

The problem starts at home. He sees people walking past out of the window. He barks. They disappear.

Barking works!

He’s constantly rehearsing this every day and not only does it stir him up and stress him, it also reinforces the idea that he can keep people away form his house by barking aggressively at them.

Our online session

In our online session we looked at various ways to give Ralph things to do that fulfil his ‘Spanielness.’.

They will block his view of passing people.

When they are out they will show Ralph that only good things happen when they encounter a person and that he won’t be forced closer than he feels comfortable.

This will build confidence in his owner who will also work on his pulling on lead – making walking with her on a loose lead a fun and rewarding thing to do. She will start at home in the garden.

They will now have now interrupted the behaviour of barking aggressively at people to drive them away before it gets any worse.