Baby due in five weeks.

Just five weeks.

Then they will have friends and health visitor calling to see the baby. If that happened today it would be a noisy problem. They may be unable to talk due to Cavachon Gigi’s barking.

Gigi also barks at people she hears outside the house. The six-year-old barks like mad when mail comes through the door. She’s scared and alarmed when someone she doesn’t know well comes into the house.

With baby due in only five weeks and they don’t have much time, but we have a plan.

The front door

Our plan involves firstly immunising Gigi to the doorbell. With sufficient rings from an identical bell she should become indifferent to the sound.

Next, she will learn to go to her bed in the kitchen (behind a new gate) when asked to in response to the doorbell.

The ratio of the doorbell meaning someone is at the door, delivery or friend, should be about 1:25. The big odds are that it will be nobody.

So when the person enters, Gigi won’t already have built up a head of steam.

Then the person can be sitting down before a calmer Gigi joins them, She will have something to chew to help to keep her calm.

With baby due in just five weeks, an outside mailbox is essential to make the front door less threatening.

Preparing Gigi for the baby

We also looked at preparing Gigi for a baby in the house.

How will the little dog react to baby smells, crying or even grunting and stirring in her sleep? We looked at ways to prepare the little dog.

They have work to do. With baby due in just five weeks, they’ve not much time in which to do it.

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