Helping You Help Your Dog: In Your Home

Do any of the following apply to you? 

  • Is your dog hyperactive or out of control? Does your dog bark excessively?
  • Does your dog have guarding issues? Has your dog bitten, or you worry that he/she may bite?
  • Are you unable to have people to your house?
  • Are you unable to leave your dog alone and have no freedom without making complicated arrangements?
  • Are you having puppy problems (you thought it was all going to be cuddles and fun)?

I‘ve successfully worked with hundreds of dogs over the years with all kinds of problems at home. There are often triggers that the dog owner is completely unaware of. Once we start fixing these triggers the dog becomes calmer, more predictable and happier.

Examples of issues at home include: constant barking in the garden, barking at the doorbell and when people walk past, resource guarding of items or spaces, warning off visitors, destruction, panicking when left alone.

The Dogidog framework is a structured approach that involves a series of steps, questions, and diagnostics. It provides valuable insights into understanding your dog’s behaviour. By utilising this framework, we assess your current situation and your desired goals. From there, we create a straightforward, step-by-step guide for you to follow. It’s important to note that the majority of dog behaviour issues are effectively resolved through owner education. That’s why my online video assistance is highly effective in helping you and your dog.

A week later: “We’ve changed the way we are with him and he’s almost like a totally different dog. I found the meeting itself absolutely perfect, You got straight to what we needed to do and helped us out no end, you were absolutely lovely, friendly and approachable and would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs behaviourist services!”