Algie2Cockerpoo Algie who I went to see two months ago is coming along beautifully ( The growling is infrequent and only when Algie is feeling uncomfortable; he can now trust his humans to help him out.

The lady has now had her baby! Algie is absolutely fine with it. I went for a walk with them and Algie was a star.

I received this email today: Algie’s behaviour on walks is going from strength to strength. I am managing to keep him calm and happy most of the time by anticipating the situation and putting myself (& a high value treat!) between him and any perceived danger. As a result we have twice now walked past a man he always used to bark at and Algie has stayed quiet, which is a great improvement.
Inside I try to do daily training of some sort and I find this is slowly improving his overall behaviour as he is becoming more responsive to me. We are are seeing improvements in the barking when people come to the door. The best thing is that this weekend we felt for the first time that we were seeing signs of the old happy go lucky Algie coming back. I’m hoping as we continue we’ll see this more as Algie gets more confident that we’re in charge and he can just concentrate in sniffing out rabbits in the woods!
Many thanks for all your help and your second visit which we found invaluable for sharpening us up.