Over the past fourteen years I have been to literally thousands of dogs and hundreds of different houses. I have met so many wonderful people, people who love their dogs and want to do the best for them.  I am at an age where most of my friends have retired and I wouldn’t swap places with them for the world. My aim is to carry on for as long as I possibly can at the most highly effective level possible.
This is my third career and I have had five children  – I have four grandchildren.  I started life as a musician (piano and flute) and then school teacher. After this I ran a couple of businesses including an introduction agency (before the days of internet dating). This involved personally interviewing many people, giving moral support, managing accounts, website and marketing – not so different in a way to what I do now but missing the magic ingredient – DOGS.
My love of dogs started many years ago with a Rottweiler called Merlin and Magic, a German Shepherd. Back then it was all about harsh dog training and ‘correcting’ the dog in order to force it to ‘obey’. Commands were sergeant major-style orders. How different things are today. With all my subsequent learning and experience, I have proved beyond any possible date that kind, positive and force-free methods not only work best, but they ensure we feel comfortable in our relationship with our dog. I am down to four dogs now. I can’t imagine a life without dogs.[divider type=”thin”]

Behaviourist, consultant, therapist, trainer and dog problem solver. Positive, force-free behaviour and training solutions with caring canine owner support.

I have many years experience, successfully helping well over 2500 dog owners which totals several thousand dogs of all breeds, sizes ages and problems through all manner of circumstances and difficulties.You can read my more recent ‘case stories’ here.

BBC 3 Counties Radio Resident Behaviourist.

Behaviourist & behavioural therapist for Potton Vets

“There are so many different books, TV programmes and methods nowadays, all saying different things, some good and some bad, some kind and some cruel. I like to act as a filter on your behalf. I have worked one-to-one in many homes with many dogs over the years, helping their humans to achieve happy, relaxed, trustworthy and self-controlled companions through understanding – without resorting to force, domination or punishment. I constantly keep up to date with the latest courses and thinking, but there is no short cut to years of hands-on experience”.
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Clicker training a chicken!


  • Full and Founder Member of INTODogs; INTODogs Certified Canine Behaviourist .
The standards that must be met to be an INTODogs Certified Canine Behaviourist are stringent in the sector and cover not just the skills, knowledge and understanding but also the management of the organisation. Continual monitoring also ensures that those standards continue to be met for as long as membership is maintained.
  • CAB (Certified Animal Behaviourist) with ICAN (International Companion Animal Network).
  • VSPDT – The only accredited Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas
  • IMDT – Full Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers
  • ISCP – Tutor and administrator for the International School for Canine Practitioners
  • PDTE – Pet Dog Trainers of Europe, holder of the Certificate of Advanced Canine Communication and Certificate of Education
  • PPG – Member of the Pet Professional Guild
  • Dog Rescue Federation – Associate Member
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What sets me apart?

With Milly, my German Shepherd

With my five dogs

With Victoria Stilwell

Read my case ‘stories’ and get in touch

My dog Pip writes about life with The Dog Lady in Pip’s Blog

Some of my Seminar and Workshop Certificates

  • Turid Rugaas – Handling Skills & Pulling on Lead
  • Sheila Harper – Canine Aggression and Canine Secrets
  • Ray Coppinger – Dump Dogs of Mexico City
  • Dr Susan Friedman – Living and Learning with Animals
  • Animal Aiders – Canine First Aid
  • Catherine O’Driscoll – Vaccines
  • Internation School for Canine Practitioners – ISCP – graduated
  • Trevor Cooper – Dog Law Seminar
  • Sarah Whitehead – Behaviour Intensive Materclass and The Magnificent Seven – Clicker Training Practical Course
  • Victoria Stilwell – The Power of Positive Training and Unleash Your Dog’s Potential
  • Sarah Fisher – Tellington Touch Weekend
  • Patricia McConnell – The Internal Life of Animals
  • Steve Mann – Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation
  • Suzanne Clothier – What a Dog’s Body Can Tell You – a Functional Approach’
  • 2014 Dog Bite Conference
  • 2014 ClickerExpo
  • Jaak Panksepp: The Evolved Primal Emotional Feelings of Animal Brains and Animal Minds
  • Ian Dunbar: Common-Sense & Cutting-Edge Concepts in Behaviour and Training
  • Chicken Camp Levels 1, 2 & 3. Completed – Chirag Patel
  • k9 Project Conference.
  • 2015 Dog Bite Conference
  • Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT2) for Aggression, Frustration, and Fear with Grisha Stewart
  • Separaton Related Problems, Chirag Patel
  • TTouch Workshop with Melody Todd
  • Separation Anxiety Workshop with Malena DeMartini and Veronica Boutelle
  • 2016 Dog Bite Conference
  • Pshychopharmacology and Behaviour, Jo-Rosie Haffenden
  • Resource Guarding workshop, Sarah Whitehead
  • 2017 February 10th – 12th. WOOF Conference. Speakers included: Chirag Patel, Sean Pogson, Mike Simmons, Sarah Whitehead, Alexandra Kurland, Steve Martin, Kay Laurence, Susan Schneider, Clive Wynne, Susan Friedman.
  • 2017 Dog Bite Conference. Daniel mills, Niki Tudge, Victoria Stilwell, Grisha Stewart, Sarah Fisher, Guy Williams, Kendal Shepherd, Chirag Patel
  • 2017 Starting July. THE TRUST TECHNIQUE video course, James French.
  • 2017 Understanding Your Dog with Steve Mann. IMDT
  • 2017 How to Change Predatory Chase Behaviour in Dogs with David Ryan
  • 2018 Emotions in Dogs, the EMRA perspective with Dr. Robert Falconer-Taylor
  • 2018 Dog Behaviour Conference with Sarah Fisher, John Bradshaw, Chirag Patel, Sian Ryan, Pam Mackinnon